How to spend less on your first Mitsubishi car

The cost of car ownership in Australia is high. For a typical household with at least two vehicles, it can be as much as $22,000 annually. It doesn’t help car tax is exorbitant at 33% for those with a value of $75,000 and above. Fortunately, you can save money with Mitsubishi. From Mitsubishi service specials to demo cars, here’s how to get your first vehicle for a more affordable price.

1. Pick a Centre That Offers Mitsubishi Service Specials

A big chunk of your car ownership expenses will go towards maintenance and repair. In fact, according to Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), Australians spent $65.8 billion on cars compared to only $2.7 billion on public transport.

It will be easier on the pocket in the long run if you can find a centre that offers service specials. These are discounts you can redeem through coupons.

The services can vary from changing the tyres to fixing the brakes. The discounts can also range from a few dollars off the regular price to free of charge.

2. Consider Buying a Demo Car

You can also head to a car service Mitsubishi centre in your area and look for demo cars. These are vehicles customers, employees, and their families use to drive around for test drives.

Dealers qualify demo cars as brand-new, but they’re considerably cheaper than the non-demo ones because of their mileage. These vehicles will still have a warranty but bear in mind, people are already driving these.

If the vehicle has already undergone service or maintenance, it may count against the warranty period.

3. Opt for a Used Car

If you simply want a Mitsubishi, you can visit the closest Mitsubishi service center and consider buying a used vehicle.

Getting it from the dealer ensures the car is still in its good condition. You may find a few signs of wear and tear, but most may be superficial. They don’t affect the safety and performance of the vehicle. Check it out at Toowong Mitsubishi

It’s also likely it has an active registration, so you just need to transfer the papers under your name. If you’re lucky, some of these cars may even have considerable mileage left and warranty.

Note, though, the used car prices are not drive-away prices. You may, therefore, have to spend on charges such as stamp duty and the balance between the existing and new registration.

4. Purchase Off-Lease Vehicles

If you search for “Mitsubishi motors locate a service centre” on Google, you may find out that some centres also sell off-lease vehicles. These are the cars that come from rental companies. As a business, they always try to offer brand-new and latest models for their customers. In return, they may turn over the old ones to their dealers.

Off-lease vehicles are still used cars, so expect them to show signs of aging. The upside is rental companies are usually diligent with maintenance and repair.

Mitsubishi cars are some of the most affordable in Australia, but you can do better with your cash. The likes of Mitsubishi service specials, demo cars, used vehicles, and off-lease ones can let your hard-earned money go the extra mile.