Planning to buy your first road bike? Consider these questions first

Got hooked with biking recently? You actually have a lot of reasons to love biking. Fitness and health aside, biking is also a great hobby. With your bike, you can explore the neighbourhood at your own pace, finding time to tarry a while and enjoy the view. Perhaps you’ve also had a wild dream of competing for a bicycle race in the future. But one thing’s for sure now. You’re overwhelmed with all the wealth of bike brands and models you can choose from. Should you choose a Trek Fuel Ex 8 or a Cannondale?

Before making a decision, take a pause first. Get over your excitement for a moment. And look at the following questions first to make a wise purchase.

  1. What types of terrain you’re going to tackle with your bike most of the time?

Would you be using your bike mostly on the concrete ground? Are you planning to spend a couple of hours tackling the rugged terrain just a couple of minutes away from your neighbourhood? Before buying anything, read a Cannondale, Pinarello, or Trek Fuel Ex 8 review first to know the pros and cons of different brands.

  1. What type of bike is perfect for you?

Bikes are classified into two main categories—endurance and race. Trek Fuel Ex 8 is one of the preferred rides for trail bikers. This brand and model shows off a flexible full suspension.

Meanwhile, you can opt for Cannondale Synapse 2019 if you’re looking for an endurance bike. This lightweight bike can give you a comfy riding experience to help you endure your long bike trips. See here at Mellow Johnny’s

  1. What are the gears and features you need?

Preparing for a race would require you to prioritise some components. For example, it’s important to look into the aerodynamics, balance, and power transition of the racing bike.

Seatpost and head angles adjustments are features that might add a couple of bucks to your preferred Pinarello Dogma F10 price. In the same way, you also need a unique set of gears if you’d like to develop your endurance for bicycle convoys.

  1. What are the bike dimensions that will suit you?

You can’t really maximise the features and gears if the bike’s dimensions are not suitable for you. Consult an expert to help you determine the right bike height and weight. You could also use some tips to guide your choice of bike brand, be it a Trek Fuel Ex 8, Trek, Electra, or Pinarello.

Pro Tip: Don’t miss to give it a test ride.

Much like buying a car, make sure to test ride your bike before making a purchase. This allows you to see if you’re really comfortable using it. A test ride also gives you clues on what additional features and gears to buy.

With the right bike, you’d be more interested to stick to this hobby for a long time. Hence, the need for you to visit a reliable shop and seek expert help. If you’re in Texas, you might like to visit Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop to take a look at different brands, including Trek, Pinarello, and Cannondale Cujo. If you don’t feel like buying just yet, you can also rent a bike and test drive it to see if it’s a good fit. For more information, visit their website at: